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Quotes from Students

After lot of researching to pursue Masters in Design, I found WLCI. The infrastructure is not appealing since it's an old institute. But, all that matters are the quality of education. The faculty out here is very experienced and professional. I really was lost and my mentors have helped me overcome all the difficulty I have been facing. Being here makes me realise the importance of hard work and consistency in everything you do and above all, dream big, to achieve big.

Deepali Upadhyay - WLCI Student, Visual Communication

After my 10+2 I was thinking now what ……… I always got impressed with the glamour world and fashion is the part of glamour world . So I decided to get enrolled in a fashion design course , and I started searching fashion colleges online in Delhi then I found WLCI i college of fashion , I was very exited when I come here it is a very good college I met too many friends some of them become part of my life very close friends . teachers are very good here they groomed us very well and now I become almost a fashion designer my forte is to design ethnic wear for women right now I am in my last semester in my course it is almost in its completion and I am ready to face the glamour world and ready to be a part of it.

Rashmi Maurya - WLCI Student, School of Fashion

My aim is to become a fashion designer.I have always been keen experimenting new things ,all i need was an opportunity to showcase my talent.

I show my immense gratitude,love and thankfulness to my college to give me this opportunity.My college "WLC" India.

Here,I learnt a lot about creative and more about creative communication.It has changed my entire perspective about this beautiful world.I have learnt the basic thus, important aspect of my carrier. Confidently,I can say that now I am a designer,I have got that vision in me, moreover a better human with creative soul. Friendship is something which I mean is a very beautiful part of one's life,WLC apart from carrier opportunities,gave me life long friends,full of heart and life, supportive and meanless,bundling up with beautiful memories.

Shweta Panwar - WLCI Student, School of Fashion

"Many people knows me as a fashion designer . Three year ago in 2015 I decided to join fashion designing .I belongs to a very small city Ratiya from Haryana . Rarely anyone knows about Fashion designing their even I did not know anything about fashion . But ……… I want to wear something different from others so I used to tell my tailor to give some different cuts or style in my garments , and my friends and family appreciate my garments .That thing inspired me to join fashion studies ..

So I come to Delhi with a dream to become a fashion designer and join WLCI college . Initially I face language problem ,I do not know even how to draw stylish lines curves and shapes in sketching ,My mentor helps me a lot to improve my drawing skills .My teachers were very impress with my designs and stitching ,One of my teacher suggested me to start online business . So I started online portal in 2017 it become very successful . I got too many orders day by day I design for Mr fatehabad , for a local singer .In my second year I participated in 9th INDIA RUNWAY WEEK 2017 winter season with the help of my mentors .that become a turning point in my carrier ,after that I participated in many shows ………

I am grateful that I come to WLCI and become a part of it ……… Now I am a confident fashion designer in my last semester of studies completely transformed . "

Rajat manchanda - WLCI Alumnus, School of Fashion
"I have seen and learnt many things here. There were many up's and down's in life, but now what I am is just because of WLCI . The faculties are excellent, they have great knowledge with industry experience and life,Also they are supportive and friendly in nature with everyone. I have made many good friends here. The environment of this college is good. Thanku WLCI for giving me so, many things and experience of college life."
Munish - WLCI Student, School of Fashion
"The experience with this college is great, I have learnt many things from our faculties and friend. I am a small town girl, with big dreams. This college has helped me to achieve my dreams. I had never thought, that I will do my first fashion show in my college days. But with the help and support of our faculties, I was able to do IRW (India Runway Week) in my 2nd year. I am very grateful to have such good and supportive faculties and Friend's. I will have a life time attachment with this college, faculties, and my forever friends.Thanku everyone for supporting me in my every situation, and making me understand what is good or bad for me and my career."
Jyoti - WLCI Student, School of Fashion
"Joining WLCI is a turning point of my life. Every student needs and looks for an institute which can help him guide, learn, discover & explore new things and opportunities which he/she hasn't till date. And this college has indeed provided me with the same. Unlike other educational schools, where academics are at utmost importance, WLCL has placed most emphasis on applied knowledge which is much more essential, and an integral part in a student's life to develop his horizon and capabilities and nurture his potential."
Snigdha Mathur - first year student, Advertising & Graphic Design Department
"The Wigan education system has given me the confidence and courage to take on any challenge in the marketplace. My stint at Wigan UK added a new dimension to my learning curve."
Reah Cama, PGDBM, Class of 2002
"Working for Godrej Appliances Ltd. under the traineeship programme has been a good experience for me, right from day one. It has provided me a good opportunity to learn and apply the relevant management skills, and has helped me create a place for me in the organization."
Shadab Azmi, PGDBM, Class of 2003
"Wigan & Leigh has been one of the most profitable decisions in my life. It helped me enhance my talent and creativity. The course structure was amazing and new as compared to Indian standards."
Kunsang Bhutia, DFT, Class of 2000
"In this programme the student gets experience while he is studying. This helps him compete for best jobs in the Industry."
Sandeep Sengal, ADAGD, Class of 2001
"Believe me, the kind of course on offer at Wigan is not even heard about in India. I did not even know how to hold a brush when I joined Wigan. The complete course structure is very well designed and integrated. The faculty is highly co-operative and friendly and it was fun to study there"
Japreet Kitty, ADAGD, Class of 2001
"I had the most wonderful experience at the Wigan Campus. The Culture embraces diversity and takes the students through a variety of learning experiences and skill building workshops."
Ravi Bafna, PGDBM, Class of 2002
The course is an unique opportunity to study and earn at the same time. Also the course provides insight into the real corporate world and makes us better equipped to face the corporate world."
Ashwini Bonney
"The idea of work while u study is an unique concept earlier seen only the west, now we are also gearing to it. This is a substantial opportunity which will be in trend in a few years time, where companies will look forward for experience in such a manner."
Rajendra Prasad
"This course has helped to face the real world and the demands of corporate pressure simultaneously with studies even before I finished my post graduation"
Aditya M V
"Earn while u learn has not only built a confidence in myself but it has helped me in building my career"
Meera R
"By doing an apprentice program while I do my post graduation, it gives me ample opportunity to be a part of same organization as a full time employee."
Payal Mukherjee
Doing my PGDBM at Wigan & Leigh and the apprenticeship at Arvind Brands Ltd., have equipped me well to deal with live cast studies. Some solutions look good on paper, but on field you need to rework things and adjust to the realities. This is where maturity or experience builds up.
Moreover, working with Arvind Brands Ltd., has given me enough exposure to the functioning of the organization which helps one understand the corporate behaviour.
Anil Kumar Muduli

Alumni Speak - Design

"Believe me, the kind of Design course on offer at WLCI Design School is not even heard about in India. The course structure is very well defined and integrated. The faculty is highly co-operative and friendly. It was fun to study here. I had no idea about Art & Design but I had the passion to learn. After completing the course in 2001, I won the Delhi Advertising Club award for the Samsung campaign on multilingual mobile phones and outdoor innovation"
Jappreet Kitty
currently pursuing a Degree in Animation at The University of California, USA has been selected for a prestigious award and his photographic work to be published in the Photography Laureates anthology.
Unni exhibited his formidable talent in sketching and photography from the very beginning. His keen interest in compute software could be seen in his assignments. He was selected by Toons India, a division of Walt Disney productions for a year's internship. After completing his internship, he rejoined Wigan, turning out some outstanding assignments. His photography reflects a special rapport between him and his subjects, both animate and inanimate. His effort to capture a very special angle or the right shade and light makes his outdoor shots outstanding. This well deserved award comes as recognition of his talent which one is likely to come across in National Geographic or other channels of equal repute in the years to come. Wigan is proud of Unni and wishes him the best for the future.
R. Unnikrishnan, Batch 2003-2006
'WLC has given so me much of real world exposure during the Advertising and Graphic Design course I have learned more technicalities and have greater insight into the design process.
It has given me the confidence to handle large accounts and demanding clients and open my own agency, 'Fossil Communications' within a very short time.
Firoz Merchant
'Knowledge acquired at WLC made me a fast thinker and very creative. The modules covered handled many practical situations and I sincerely appreciate them now in my professional life'
Misha Karkera
'My learning at WLC College Mumbai, which is practical and project-based, and in the time I spent at Wigan U.K., has been extremely useful to me now when I design architectural walk-throughs and other communication material. It has helped to shift my focus to a broader audience.'
Mr. Shantanu Jagirdar, her superior feels that she is a 'real asset' to the organization.
Sidhhi Bagwe

Alumni Speak - Fashion

"Holistic world class education, industry relevant modules at Wigan & Leigh College Mumbai enabled me to take on the Fashion styling industry. From designing to styling for Spkar Jeans, Femina, DNA(a leading Mumbai Daily) POGO; Times of India(Mumbai Mirror), Debonair, Pulsar Black Bike, Castle Cigarette Brand-Wigan exposed me to a myriad variety of not just the core fashion industry but all other related industries Accessories, Fashion Photography, Fashion Make Over....and more".
Samik Pal, Batch of 2002-05
We are pleased to announce that we have bagged the recent Provogue campaign and AXN-'The Man's World show". For fresher like us it was indeed a pleasant break, and all this was thanks to the learning at Wigan. It helped us to build a strong foundation as it struck the right balance between theory and practical learning. The teaching methodology and teaching faculty at Wigan & Leigh College are the best in Mumbai.
Ruhi & Carlton, Batch of 2002-05
What I have learnt at Wigan & Leigh College Mumbai was the joy of learning, and learning well. I enjoyed every bit of it- the industry experience, the class rooms, the faculty, the curriculum. It is unbelievable that such a brilliant academic structure exists in this country. My employers often ask me-"where in this country did you learn so much".
Shruti Arya, Batch of 2000-03
Wigan Fashion School has state of the art infrastructure, well equipped labs and studios. The faculties are very understanding and supportive and have given me the confidence and skills to prove my potential in the industry. The placement services are excellent and even before passing out; I had a dream job at Globus.
Girish Bajaj, Batch of 2002-05
"My experience at Wigan & Leigh, New-Delhi has been truly enriching. The college offers a rich curriculum combined with an excellent traineeship programme which is very helpful in gaining some industry experience, while still at college. The faculty interaction has been most valuable to me since I have found good mentors and a genuine concern in my teachers at Wigan."
Jasleen Kochhar, PGFT Batch - 2005-2006
"Well...... i won't say its the best stop in the whole wide world,
but its the stop that has connected my mind to my soul,
has given a way to my creativity to grow,
a direction for me to go ahead in my life and achieve my goals.
That's what WIGAN has given me....
"FREEDOM" the way i want."
Swati Rekha Sevlam, ADFT, batch- 2003-06
"I am happy that I have been able to launch my own label Natasha, and sell it through 'Little India' before the completion of my course."
Natasha Ghai, ADFT, Batch 2002-2005
"My label is Kytes, a men's wear line of lounge wear and formals selling through Little India & Moksh". Our course covers all areas of fashion and related lines. We get a lot of personal attention and therefore our learning at WLC is high. I also feel that my growth here as a human being & professional is greater."
Neha Jhunjhunwala, ADFT, 2002-2005 batch

Alumni Speak - Management

"Through out the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their vision" The above is rightly quoted by the famous writer and novelist Ayn Rand. It is the vision of an individual that drives him to achieve the unattainable. Four years before when I had joined WLC, I had ideas but no clear-cut vision. The college imparted useful formal education through its comprehensive modules taught by industry specific faculty. It groomed me professionally by providing a successful industry interface through an apprenticeship program. And finally gave me a vision and a much needed direction by placing me in a leading management consultancy.
Devshree Bhardwaj, PGDBM, Batch 2002-2006
"I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know no way of judging of the future but by the past."
Very truly said by Edward Gibbon, in my case the one lamp I would like to refer as Wigan and Leigh College which has secured my future with its quality of education and industry interaction programmes. Right now I'm working in a multinational and all my decisions are based on what I have learned in my classes and from the experienced gained from the apprenticeship progranme.
Shiv Sharma, PGDBM, Batch 2002-2006
WLCI creates a synergy between academics and profession. "The benefit of working while you are studying was best understood once I entered the industry full time on completion of my course"
Utsav Bajaj, PGDBM- Batch 2003-05
"The practical experience that I gained in Wigan & Leigh College through the Traineeship Program, together with academics is helping me today in my workplace to give my optimum efforts and achieve results."
Punam Maheshrajka, PGDBM- Batch 2004-06
"It was a great journey with Wigan & Leigh College. The best part of doing Post Graduation at WLC is the Traineeship Programme. Wigan gave me a chance to experience the education and professional world simultaneously. Believe me I would have been lost after completion of my course understanding how corporate world operates and works, but at Wigan I was relieved from all those worries." Ankur Sahni, PGDBM, Class of 2003, Working with Citibank
Ankur Sahni, PGDBM - Batch 2001-2003
WLCI Campus:
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