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 WLCI college traineeship process
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Traineeship Process

WLCI College Traineeship Methdology
This process is the core of WLCI unique methodology and is responsible for converting demonstrable skills into professional abilities. Concurrent to the functional modules, students are placed as a trainee with reputed organizations, where they can apply and practice the skills acquired during the delivery process. This helps students develop hands on skills in addition to acquiring industry experience.

The process consists of training the students, matching the profile with available opportunities, placing them on traineeship, supporting them to perform in the industry and assess periodically to provide relevant feedback for their future growth in the industry.
  Training : Students receive training in basic skills like communication, etiquette and IT at the outset of their course with WLCI. In addition to this there is extensive training on interview skills to enable them to succeed in their traineeship interviews.
  Matching : WLCI has signed traineeship contracts with hundreds of organisations in a wide range of industries and job roles; at this stage we match the individual students’ interests and abilities with the requirements on our industry partners. This is why not only do the students find part time jobs that they will prefer but also the partnering organisations get people who are most likely to produce results for them. This step helps students to fully understand the job role and the expectations from them.
  Placing : Once the matching has been done to the satisfaction of both parties the students are coached for job and organisation specific interviews. This is followed by a job interview with the partnering organisation. On successful clearing this step the students are placed as part time employees and get paid a stipend that will usually cover most of their tuition fee.
  Supporting : The first few weeks on the job are the most crucial; therefore the WLCI Coaches will usually visit the workplace to support students during this time. Any difficulties or gaps in understanding can be addressed with them and the supervisors at this stage. This support on traineeship will continue throughout the course.
  Assessment : Students are periodically assessed on the skills that they display at the workplace. This is one of the most important and meaningful assessment and enables the students to get valuable feedback from their supervisors and peers. On the basis of feedback received from the workplace, the students are provided individual training and coaching to overcome skill & attitudinal bottlenecks.

WLCI Reviews

Avant-garde training

" Hi. I would like to share my honest opinion about wlci’s fashion course. I had a satisfactory time studying at wlci mumbai. The teachers were helpful. The crowd was awesome. Plus the atmosphere at the institute was very laid back.

Their teaching practices are industry focused. The workshops, industry visits, events, etc. open up your mind to new possibilities. My creativity levels have soared to all-time highs because of all the practical learning that I received. "

Swati Srivastava


Their traineeship programme is worth a mention

" Dear friends, students, and future candidates; I am currently pursuing a course in Advertisement from WLCI Pune. Anyway I am not one to shower praises on an institute just because I am a student there. I am writing this review at this forum only because I would like to share something helpful with potential/current students at wlci. I am currently working as a trainee at The Shop, and trust me although it can get a little taxing for newcomers at times but working in a company really enhances your skills. I have been gaining lot of helpful insights regarding my career line. I am not sure if such training initiatives are held at other institutes, but wlci’s traineeship programme has to be the best part about studying here."

Meghna Thakur
WLCI - Traineeship

WLCI College 4.3 out of 5 by 2 reviewers.
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