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WLCI college delivery process
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Delivery Process

WLCI College Delivery Process for Busienss & Creative Programmes
At WLCI, we follow process based training methodology for upgrading the students’ skill level to make them suitable for employment in the industry. We strive to evolve professionals who are armed with requisite professional skills and competencies to succeed in the current business environment.

For Business Programmes

The delivery process primarily comprises of the following:
  Pre - study : Conduct of a module begins with pre-study/ self study, based on a well researched document containing all relevant inputs related to the concepts and theory of the subject. It also contains web links, webpages and additional reading material to further enhance their knowledge. The Pre- study material is made available to the students on the college web portal ewlci. The students are required to go through it and come well prepared to participate in the main workshop.
  Workshop : The workshop provides practical training through demonstration and activity based learning process. It primarily deals with application of knowledge to real life business situations, role plays, exercises and case studies. These workshops endeavor to achieve the training objective of developing students’ proficiency in their selected profession/ sub profession. In order to enhance their practical professional knowledge and skills, each module has a workshop task and an industry project. The students are required to plan, research and execute the assignment tasks with desired outcome. This is a unique process of training delivery because it makes knowledge as a precondition and focus on “doing”, thus enabling the students to acquire demonstrable skills.
  Workshop Task : In order to enhance practical professional knowledge and skills, each module has workshop tasks and a project. The students are required to plan, conduct research and execute the assigned task with desired outcome. The primary objective of the workshop task is to develop student’s ability to apply the concepts and knowledge learnt in a simulated environment. This assessment aims to evaluate the student’s conceptual clarity, research carried out with a logical approach to address the given problem. Every module has one workshop task which is based on the first five sessions of the subject. This helps the student understand and apply the concepts during the process of learning the module. The trainer evaluates and grades the students on the task and gives a detailed feedback to the student to help him/her prepare an improvement plan and finally demonstrate continuous professional growth and development.
  Project : Each module culminates with a project which primarily assesses the student’s practical application of knowledge. The student is required to carry out research of the market, industry and interact with relevant organizations. This project is based on the entire module and helps the student apply the concepts of the subject in a practical manner which in turn builds the requisite functional competencies in him/her.
  Events : Each student takes part in organising events at the campus in each semester. The aim is to train students on critical skills and attitudes by providing them an opportunity to plan & organize actual events, thereby also adding to their confidence. It further helps to provide a platform for interaction between Industry, alumni and students. The students organize and participate in events like Fresher’s Party, Convocation, Inter-college quiz competitions, Debate competitions, Excursions, Industry Visits, Fashion shows and campus festival celebrations etc. On completion of the event, the program manager observes the conduct, attitude, skills displayed by the student while organising these event. Based on the observations, the faculties counsel and guide the students on their skills and attitudes and help them progress to higher levels.

For Creative Programmes

  Creative - Academic Delivery : WlCI Creative School aims to develop professional expertise and aesthetic aptitude in students to become a successful professional in their respective creative field. The training is imparted by professionals with rich experience who can add much needed practical dimensions to the learning process. The training is conducted with the help of presentations, recommended books, web links and latest periodicals on the unit . The academic delivery is primarily based on the following
  Orientation Programme : The students undergo a comprehensive orientation programme prior the commencement of their functional modules. It aims to build a creative foundation in the student, which comprises of three components i.e., generation of creative ideas by an individual in a group, helping the creative performance, and stimulating the creative energy. The orientation programme follows n activation based learning through paper craft, best out-of-waste, drawing technique classes. It also includes visit to relevant industry, design exhibitions, export houses etc. to enhance their awareness. The students are oriented and motivated to develop their skills by interactive sessions by eminent speakers from the industry. The programme culminates with a creative ability test followed by a detailed feedback which ensures students are focused towards developing their creative abilities through the regular modules.
  Conduct of Workshops : At this stage, the candidate is given detailed information of the career pathways .fee structure and the payment plan. The candidate is also given opportunity to clarify any doubt regarding the course and the institution.

  • i) The assignment brief is discussed with the students wherein the learning outcome of the unit is explained in detail to the students.
  • ii) Students are briefed on the training material required for effective learning during the practical workshop.
  • iii) It encompasses research, Visual-communication, Idea Generation and Design Exploration
  • iv) Students application in the form of practical outcome as relevant to the unit .

  • In order to provide opportunity to work in real professional environment, the students undergo traineeship with industry at Higher & Professional Levels
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