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WLCI college assessment process
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Assessment Process

WLCI College Assessment Process For Business & Creative Programmes
Objective assessment, regular feedback and support for improvement form the bedrock of the assessment process. The aim of assessment is to assess the skill levels of the students and provide a roadmap for their development. It follows a 360 degree assessment methodology which consists of self appraisal, peer assessment, traineeship assessment, supervisor assessment, assignment/ projects evaluation in addition to the overall assessment by the coach.

For Business Programmes

The assessment process includes assessment of Professional Proficiency, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Focus, Energy and Direction.
  Professional Proficiency : The students’ professional proficiency is assessed through the workshop tasks, module projects and end term tests which aim to assess his/ her conceptual clarity, subject knowledge and application in various business problems/ situations.
  Efficiency & Effectiveness : Evaluation of these aspects forms part of workplace assessment by the supervisor. The assessment is designed to examine students’ efficiency and effectiveness applicable as a trainee in the corporate environment. Based on the detailed feedback of the supervisor, a time bound action plan is generated and executed by the programme manager. This is invaluable for the professional development of the student.
  Focus and Energy : As part of the life skills and core skills training, the assessment of focus and energy is based on observation and various testing instruments. Based on the assessment inputs, the students are provided a detailed feedback and also mentored on their areas of improvement, which facilitate their continuous personality development.

For Creative Programmes

  WLCI follows a comprehensive, consistent and transparent assessment system which aims to help the student in enhancing his/her creative ability as well as self-development for future growth. The assessment is done through a system of sampling, moderation, internal verification and cross- departmental co-ordination as applicable to the programme . Students are assessed on a number of parameters. The overall assessment is based on the net result of these assessments. These are as follows
  Formative Assessment : Formative assessment is done during the initial stage of learning in order to channelize the student for better understanding and application of the subject. It is based on a written assignment during the module.
  Summative Assessment : Summative assessment is based on a project that covers learning of the complete module which occurs at the end of the module.
  Exhibition Assessment : The exhibition draws on a personal academic focus of the student, explores a topic through in-depth research, represent, and represent the acquisition and use of knowledge in new ways. It is completed individually and presented in front of the Internal Jury.
  Portfolio Assessment : Students are graded on completion and submission of their final Portfolio. Portfolio should have a purposeful collection of their work across time which exhibits student's efforts, progress and level of proficiency.
  Traineeship Assessment :
  • i. Student on traineeship are graded on their traineeship performance by the concerned Organisation. Based on their areas of improvement identified by the supervisor/nominated faculty, an action plan is generated and implemented in a time-bound manner to help the student improve.
  • ii. Students, not on traineeship of any reason, are allotted an Industry Project in lieu and are graded on the same.
  Industry Project : Student on industry project are graded on their final submission of their research which is complex, usually requiring more than one type of activity, process or product for completion.
  Event Assessment : Students are expected to participate in the organization of at least 2 events per level (semester). Students are graded on the same. The aim is to teach critical skills and attitude to student through events. They participate in event like: designer Fashion shows, brand launch, beauty pageant, Cutting edge camp, campus event etc.
  End Term Assessment (Written Exam) : There shall be an End Term Assessment on every module, at the end of each level.

Final Collection Assessment

The Final collection, in Fashion is based on Dress Designing & displaying student's innovative work. The grading of the final collection follows the under mentioned process.

1. Review Session: Total 7 reviews conducted by industry professional in order to evaluate the progress of student's work. Each Review carries 10% of overall grading, which is counted towards final evolution.

2. External Jury: This comprise of top industry professional like fashion designer, stylist, fashion editor, media professional etc. This will Judge the final product/collection of student. This carries 30% of overall grading and is part of the final grading.
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