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The Institute
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WLC College India Ltd.
160-B Western Avenue, Sainik Farms, Khanpur
New Delhi - 110062
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About WLCI College

One of the largest institutions for professional training in India, WLCI prides itself to have acquired a distinct reputation for transforming individuals into competent professionals for the industry.
With programmes prepared in partnership with the Industry, WLCI makes their students proficient and capable to succeed in their chosen line of profession. Thousands of young people are leveraging these unassailable advantages and have chosen WLCI as a stepping stone to their careers. Over 18,000 WLCI alumni are placed in various organisations all over the world and each one of them acknowledge the contribution of WLCI in their success. We believe that traditional education gives you the very best in conceptual knowledge but is not adequate for today’s competitive business environment. Therefore at WLCI it is our endeavour to go beyond education and inculcate well defined and rigorously implemented training processes that enable learners to develop various skills necessary in the workplace.
Our 8 learning locations provide training facilities and have well qualified and experienced trainers conducting contact or e-learning sessions. We ensure that each campus follows the high quality of training and enable our students to perform as high achievers in the industry. At WLCI, we recognise that you come here with aspirations and plans to make it big in the industry. With us, you will develop professional skills along with various life and core skills that are essential to achieve success in your life and career.

WLCI Campus:
Kolkata: Touchstone Tower En -10, EN Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, Tel : 033-40113456

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