Graduates Business Advanced Certificate I Faculty

Advanced Certificate I

As the first step towards your goal of entering the industry as a well trained business professional, this programme will provide you with a broad appreciation of the contemporary business environment. You will develop a thorough understanding of the organizational structure and basic functioning of a business enterprise. At this level you will be trained in the following modules:

Business Basics

In this module you will be introduced to the processes which are followed for making basic business decisions. You will also develop an understanding of the economics of business, the concepts of demand, supply and profit and how these affect organisations.

Marketing Fundamentals

In this module you will build a foundation in the basic processes involved in the marketing function. You will understand how a marketing plan is developed and learn methods of measuring marketing productivity and the importance of lifetime value of customers. You will also learn the processes of market segmentation, targeting and positioning. Service Marketing and Global Marketing will also form a part of the learning in this module.

Financial Accounting Fundamentals

During this module you will learn accounting concepts and preparing books of accounts. You will also learn how to prepare financial statements and the impact of accounting methods on business.

Cutting Edge Level I

In this module you will enhance your language and personality skills, as well as, develop abilities in time and resource management. You will also attend grooming sessions and be trained on interview skills. Apart from regular workshops, you will attend a Cutting Edge Camp which will take you on an intensive journey of self discovery and goal setting to help you accomplish your goals in life. To know more visit us at http://www.wlcibusiness.in/

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