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Business management, fashion & graphic design and media courses by WLCI college
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WLCI Courses

Courses offered by WLCI College for business management, fashion & graphic design and media

Fashion Technology Courses

WLCI School of Fashion offers both Professional and Short Term Programmes which aim to develop in each of its students the professional expertise and the aesthetic aptitude required to become a fashion designer par excellence. The programmes entail a fine eye for detail, an appreciation of contemporary fashion and a thorough understanding of pre and post production cycle. The students are also encouraged to acquire a complete know how of the marketing and promotion processes.

Advertising & Graphic Design Courses

WLCI offers Professional and Short Term Programmes in Advertising, Graphic Design & Visual Communication. These programmes aim to provide comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of contemporary communication, which are relevant to the fast-changing technology and market conditions. The learners are encouraged to develop the skill of critical judgment needed to become a problem solver - A Thinking Designer. Our endeavour is to build a strong foundation in communication design and exposure to the complete design cycle and innovation; conceptual thinking; ‘studio-based’ experimental workshops; interactive seminars; guest-lectures; and guided tutorials. The programmes are designed to prepare for global opportunities in the field of Communication Design, Advertising, Branding, Interactive Multi-Media, Animation, Photography, Editorial, Print Publishing, Films, TVC & Experiential Design.

Media Courses

The WLCI’s Media School was established in 2002 with the vision of providing young learners a platform for comprehensive training in different fields of media for creating proactive and responsible media professionals. The School offers career oriented courses in digital, broadcast and print journalism, media production, advertising and mass communication for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

WLCI’s School of Media offers job-specific Programmes for undergraduates, graduates as well as working professionals. Our programmes are a cut above the rest as they are Industry-oriented and aligned with global media trends and practices. This ensures wide employability for our students who are fit to work anywhere in the world.

The courses equip students with skills to ideate, research, interview, write and produce for all digital media formats and communications formats. Our programmes also equip the students with necessary technical skills required to be a good Media.

Business Management Courses

WLCI School of business offers Professional and Short Term Programmes for undergraduates, graduates and working professionals. These programmes are substantially different in structure and content from that of traditional Business Schools across the globe. The WLCI skills development programmes enable learners to build up various skills that are required at the workplace and provide successful career in large and mid-sized organizations.

WLCI Campus:
Kolkata: Touchstone Tower En -10, EN Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, Tel : 033-40113456

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