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Diploma in Media & Mass Communication

Duration: 1 Year Class Timings: 3 hours (5 days a week) Fee: INR 1,80,000 plus taxes
This programme provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the Media Industry .You will study prominent Communication theories and analyze key issues and debates raised by the complex relationship between media and society in contemporary times. You will gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different forms of mass media and learn to read, analyze and deconstruct media texts and images.

During the programme, you will learn research techniques and interview skills to arrive at an informed understanding of issues. The programme grounds you in media ethics and provides a comprehensive understanding of media laws and practice. You will be taught how to source, write and report political news and related stories.

The first level of the programme introduces you to the social, political and economic context in which Print journalism operates. During the programme, you will prepare an original , well researched study which presents your critical analysis and understanding of Journalism in contemporary times. This Programme is aimed at those of you who wish to acquire professional skills in Journalism for the print and television media.

Along with this you also learn the professional skills of Photography and will be able to understand and develop the unique skills towards becoming a Photo journalist.

On completion of the first semester of this programme, you would have developed an informed understanding of the Media and acquired competencies to report, photograph as well as carry out research and interview based project and write well researched news articles on political issues and related subjects.

The second semester of the programme introduces you to the Broadcast Medium of News and related fields .You will learn how to source News basis your broadcasting medium and obtain information with adhering to ethical practice. You will also learn how to write hard and soft News stories, features , Talk shows and realistic programming for both Print and Television Media.

During the programme, you will undertake a project of Journalism where you will pick up a topic of current News interest and write News story, features and editorials for Newspapers and Magazines and also prepare similar stories and in-depth editorials for e journals, news blogs and webzines on the same topic. You will learn the video camera operating skills and the professional video editing techniques. After acquiring the in-depth knowledge of the TV Media you will learn the skills of Documentary production and Web Media

On completion of this programme you would have gained an understanding of more than seven sub professions of media that will include News journalism, Camera Handling, Video Editing, Page Designing, Photography and so on..
Course Structure :
    Semester 1
  •  Media Communication Theories
  •  Media Organisation
  •  Research Techniques
  •  Page Design and Layout
  •  Photojournalism
  •  News Journalism for Print
  •  Feature Writing for Newspapers and magazines
  •  Print Media Management - Advertorials
    Semester 2
  •  Creative Media Production
  •  News Reporting - Broadcast Media
  •  Camera and Lighting Techniques
  •  Non-linear editing
  •  TV - Promo production
  •  Script Writing for TV
  •  Documentary Film Production
  •  Convergent Journalism
  •  Project Design - Implementation and Evaluation
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