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Advanced Certificate in Documentary Production, Television Advertising & Public Relation

Duration: 6 months Class Timings: 3 hours (5 days a week) Fee: INR 70,000 plus taxes
This programme provides you an understanding of theoretical perspectives in media, cultural studies, semiotics and introduces you to the film medium via the documentary films. You will study the language of documentary film making and learn to script and produce such films.

You will study the historical development of Cinema in various parts of the world and be acquainted with the language of cinema, cinematic theories and genres through a series of tutor – led screenings. This will help you learn the art of script and dialogue writing for fiction films. You will then learn to draw up a production plan and budget, assemble a shooting unit and produce a short fiction film. We teach advanced editing skills, motion graphics and composting techniques which you use in editing your film.

On completion of this programme, you would have developed an informed understanding of media studies and Cinema. You would also have developed competencies in scripting fiction films, advanced editing techniques and producing a short fiction film.
Course Structure :
  •  Understanding the basics of Audio visual Medium
  •  Documentary Film Previews - Interaction session ( 2 Film)
  •  Ideation, Research, Scripting (Pre-production)
  •  Shooting Documentary(production)
  •  Editing and Packaging Documentary(Post-production)
  •  TV Advertising
  •  Creating a TV Advertisement
  •  Public Relation
  •  Brand and Image Management
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