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Business management diploma courses by WLCI college
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Business Management Courses

Business management certificate programs by WLCI college
The curriculum of Business management programmes has been modeled closely to the actual business requirement and the content has been structured to map the real business processes. In keeping with the objective of ensuring that the students become highly competent professionals, WLCI employs only experienced professionals with a successful track record to train, coach and mentor the students. These professionals are adept in enhancing the Industry preparedness of the students to increase the students’ employability in the industry. It follows process driven and activity based delivery method to develop industry oriented skills to help them build their career. In WLCI, we ensure holistic development of the student by enhancing their focus, energy, efficiency and effectiveness, which will make them an Achiever in the chosen field of profession.

Towards this end, we focus on developing job specific competencies as well as life skills to enhance students’ focus & energy. Our training programme aims at developing students’ self confidence by enhancing their competence, improve their productivity by enhancing Energy and promote achievement by enhancing Focus. We endeavor to help the students develop professional skills and knowledge as well as evolve the right values and belief systems to succeed in the current competitive corporate environment.

Programmes that meet Industry needs
WLCI’s School of Business has various courses designed to meet the needs of undegraduates, graduates, working professionals and part time students. The Business Management programmes primarily focus on organizations systems and processes as well as changing trends in the business environment.

Imparting skills for effective performance
The Business Management programmes are designed to equip you with relevant professional knowledge and impart training to develop life/core skills which will help you perform effectively in the profession of your choice.

Benefitting the employee and the employer
At WLCI’s School of Business we have adopted innovative ways to train you, such that your learning will benefit both you and the employer. The content for each of our programmes is structured to map real business processes. The courses are designed to help you develop specific abilities required in the field of profession chosen by you.

Student Reviews

Awesome business course

" Hi guys, let me tell you that I joined WLCI after lots of consideration and research. My first option for getting a degree in the field of business was going to the US. But the hefty course fee proved to be a big hindrance in achieving my dreams. The next obvious option for me was joining a course that was in sync with the international standards. I did my research and decided to join WLCI’s PDBM course.

The course stood up to my expectations. The training was very practical and we were given a lot of experience in regards to real-work problems. Thanks to the wisdom offered by my seniors and learned faculty, today, I have successfully started my own company."

Amit Jain
WLCI - Business Management Courses

WLCI College 4.5 out of 5 by 1 reviewers.
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