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Informative Articles By WLCI College
In this section we've collated various articles that have been published on the net about WLCI. These do not reflect WLCI's official opinion.
Social Marketing - An Essential Part of Integrated Marketing Plans
Social Marketing, as a discipline emerged in the early I970's, which refers to application of marketing techniques and theories along with taking care of the social benefit of the consumers and society at large. In its application, social marketing promotes production and consumption of social goods and discourage demerit goods for the advantage of entire society. This was first practiced by some health care companies to support "anti tobacco campaign" in late 1980's and achieved notable success. After that, the concept started gaining importance among leading multi national companies and slowly it was adopted as a part of integrated marketing plans.

Different from commercial marketing, social marketing focuses around social practices and policies and aims at increasing the welfare of the society. Further, at the same point of time, it also makes use commercial marketing policies to achieve certain secondary goals. Another important factor that differentiates it from mainstream marketing it that aims at affecting the social behaviors for the benefit of customers rather than producers and distributors. In a way, indirectly it promotes the standard of living and per capita income in any economy.

Talking on the same line, there are numerous benefits that a society can gain from the application of social marketing. Its application helps in discouraging the production of luxury goods and items, which automatically leads to reducing the social imbalance in the society. More importantly, this concept has brought a realization on to part of corporate and business houses to understand their corporate social responsibility and contribute towards their local community and society. Although, it is altogether a different concept from CSR, but in long run it leads towards the same goal as CSR.

Considering the growing importance of social marketing in the recent past, marketing scholars and business management gurus are engaged in making developments in laying down substantial difference between strategic social and mainstream marketing. Working in the same direction, efforts are being taken to ensure that there is an up gradation in strategy formulation and planning in this area of marketing. More and more research is approached in order to understand insight and thus reaching onto planning development part. Other than that, important element of marketing mix are also been taken into consideration while preparing for the marketing plans. The inclusion of commercial marketing has definitely helped in improving the scope and importance of this discipline and realizing its importance in today's highly competitive business environment.

WLC India is a reputed management college, which is engaged in offering different specialized courses in management.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6220232
Part time jobs for students - you can earn while your learn
Life is not smooth sailing for those students who are burdened with educational loans or existing expenses in their studies. Learning is not the only challenge for them. Alongside they need to tackle monetary issues and poke their noses on matters like paying house rents, buying books, arranging tuition fees and others. But how can they manage all these? If that is the next question, then the obvious solution comes in the form of part time jobs for students. As the name suggests, students do not need to devote their whole time for such jobs. On the contrary, they can carry on with their studies and earn some money by the side.

As for options, students have many ways to get some extra cash without disturbing their study routine too much. They can work as a tutor, freelance writer, graphic designer, baby sitter and many others. But the best way for them will be to get into some internship programs along with their studies. If you are pursuing a professional program, then again the best thing will be to join a traineeship in the same field. That will add to your skills in your chosen field and at the same time give you professional exposure. Moreover, you will be able to earn those much needed cash which can work as life savers for you. For example, if you are planning to become a manager, then it will be better for you join a MBA or BBA course from a college which ensures traineeship programs from beginning of the course. Aspirants in the field of media, journalism, advertising and others can also get opportunities of part time jobs for students. Study and work is a popular model in western countries and gradually this model is also getting popularity in India. As an effect of globalization, students are now more inclined towards professional courses like BBA, MBA, Fashion designing, mass communication and many others. However, before taking admission, students need to know all pros and cons associated with these courses as well. Thus, internship is the best option for students when they like to study with jobs. With a perfect choice students can reach higher levels in their careers.

If you are searching for part time jobs for students, then do consider about courses from WLC College in India. The College offers traineeship programs in proper industry environment, which can fetch stipends along with exposures in the field. It also runs 25 campuses all over India.
Business courses - consider pedagogy and professional exposure in them
To find out reasons behind unprecedented rush towards b schools, one can get them in good numbers. Although ensuring prosperous career is the key reason, yet there are others like better job opportunities, favorable market condition and the eagerness to lead people. Whatever is the motivating factor for you, a bird's eye view on business courses may not always be enough to meet your expectations. As a student, if you can get an insight into certain aspects of a course, then that will definitely help you take more concrete decision regarding choice of courses.

Finding a b school is no more a problem in India. The issue is with getting a quality school. Although there is no fixed rule to sort out quality from the crowd, yet one can reach a conclusion on the basis of some key considerations. One school of thought believes that management colleges which are affiliated to proper authority deliver excellence in education. However, some others mark this mentality as simplification of fact. It is true that students and their parents need to check out affiliation matters, but then there are limited seats in government accredited business schools in India. In a densely populated country like India there are so many students who fail to make it through those government affiliated b schools for several reasons. So, what about them?

There comes the vital role of several other management colleges in India. Students from these institutions also built careers in their respective fields. There are thousands examples for that. Thus, business courses from these schools can also initiate your success run in the field as well. But for making a right choice you should be aware of some pros and cons and also make sure that you do proper study on some important aspects before joining a program.

Good teaching faculty and better pedagogy are must to train managers. If you are planning to join one of courses in India, then make sure that you are entering a college with perfect reputation behind it regarding its quality of teaching staffs. Moreover, management is all out managing people and organizations. No education in the field is complete without proper practical training. So make sure your chosen course offers enough hands-on training facilities.

If you are searching for effective business courses in India, then courses of the WLC College can be choice. It runs 25 campuses all over India and students get industry standard management education here. It also offers traineeship programs with all its courses.
Career options in mass communication - How can you reach your goal?
The media industry experienced havoc growth in last few years. It is also expected that the industry will grow more in coming years. With that the industry will continue to make space for many new jobs. Scopes are there for students to make careers in diverse branches in the field. Here a methodical guidance from media schools can help students to reach their desired destination more quickly. Aspirants in the field need to concise their point to focus and take steps accordingly.

One area which plays very much vital role in the making of a media person is the choice of media institute. If a student can get admission into a proper institute, then he or she can fasten their pace in reaching their goals. As for options an aspirant can chose any sector among print media, audio visual media, Internet media or others. Different streams will need different ways of guidance. For example, if someone is planning career in audio visual media, then again there is plethora of things to know for them. Practical training on equipments which are handled in a certain field can pay dividends. A television news anchor must know rules of facing a camera. So there comes the importance of learning from a media school.

While making a decision regarding mass communication course, students should check out all details regarding its background. Firstly, you need to know all details of its affiliation and then if you are satisfied with that then again there are other things to consider. The teaching faculty is an asset for a media school. Here reputed schools appoint highly skilled professionals who have experience from the real field. Another thing is facility to handle professional equipments which can make students more confident when stepping into the industry.

Students can join some courses after 10+2 and some after graduation. Mass communication courses may vary in expenses and students can even get bank loans to pursue a course. There are many institute which offer internship facilities and better placement opportunities. This will be wise for you to get admission into such courses, but then making a career in this field will depend a lot on how you perform on day to day basis. There is scope to earn massive salaries and fame and others, but for that you definitely have to make toil hard and learn all skills at first.

Among the choices of mass communication colleges in India, the WLC College comes in top list. The college runs 25 campuses all over India. With its unique 'earn while you learn' programs it offers internship programs along with all its courses.
Fashion Technology: Best Career Option of today's Generation
Course in Fashion Technology has been picked up as the career by today's younger generation. With the students increasing in doing fashion courses it will be more essential to be always be updated of the latest style trends and styles. Carrying the well stitched clothes with the right colors with the right fabric and has become a more necessity. If it's an interview, social gathering, wedding, formal or informal party we are judged more than our clothes more than anything.

Therefore, there are most of the individual now a day's try to buy the latest designer clothes to speak the latest trend. The fashion colleges in India are on high as people rise as the younger generation is trying to stay in vogue but also seeking a career in fashion technology as trend setters. It's a very glamorous field with the great career option with having the immense popularity to get a good exposure in the market. The fashion professionals can become renowned to create a name from them to create a name from themselves both nationally and internationally. The misconception of the course is that it is very easy. In fact, the courses in fashion technology have been the most integral part of our life today. Perfect style and trends along with the innovative ideas and modern thinking. The fashion technology is the technique of implementing the ideas on the fabric.

The top fashion college of India has produced the professional which has been marked as their name in the field. The fashion technology is the best career option that is required by the youngsters in some recent years and completion to get the seat in the best fashion designing institute. But the major questions arises here is that where are these institutes that are attracting talent?

Students pursuing fashion technology can choose options of becoming:
Fashion designer
Merchandiser in garment or export houses
Fashion consultant for big brands or Retail chains
Individual designer with a personal brand name
Fashion writer
Production Manager
Quality Controller
Fabric Manager Etc.

There are many such fashion colleges in India which offers the courses in different fields of Fashion technology like fashion designing, textile designing, jewellery designing, crafts and accessories design and interior designing.
Current status of Business management courses in India
Until recently any student in India used to think of getting a degree in business management from anywhere outside India. However, the trend changed in last few years and Indian students are pursuing their business studies more frequently in their own country. This is not a sudden change. On the contrary, this change in direction of the student's rush is an end result of several changes done in the curriculum of business management courses in some of the b schools in India.

The numbers of management colleges have also increased a lot in last few years and that is due to growing interests towards management studies in India. Irrespective of financial backgrounds and other details, students are coming in these institutions on a flow. The cost of business education is also quite competitive in India. Thus students, who earlier planned to study in abroad, are now giving it a second thought. If someone can get quality education in comparatively low rates, then why would he or she go on to other countries to study? The only reason can be getting international exposure. But here again students passed out from reputed Indian Institutes are getting plethora of scopes in other countries.

However, if all these factors instigate you to stay back home and study in India, then you have some common precautions to take. One simple truth about business management courses in India is that there is scarcity in quality management colleges. So, students need to judge certain things before getting admission into one. The teaching faculty and the pedagogy are some initial things to investigate. Students can't get quality education without guidance from quality teachers. Moreover, business courses are more about hands on trainings. Thus, there should be proper labs, internship programs and others in these courses. Students need to check out all these things.

The placement policy is another thing to consider here. Renowned colleges successfully accumulate all business giant companies at their campus interviews and so it will be better if you can join one of such business management courses. There are plenty of scopes for business graduates in the present scenario and so admission into a reputed b school in India will definitely ensure your success.

If you are planning to join business management courses in India, then the WLC College can be your choice. There are 25 campuses of the college all over India. It offers all its courses with traineeship facilities for graduates, undergraduates and professionals.
Business School in India - Which is The Best Choice for You?
Modern students are choosy about deciding their career paths like never before. They like to calculate all returns before investments. Purists may raise their eye brows, but the fact is that the materialistic world hardly teaches these students to be impractical in any decision of their lives. When it is a matter of their future career, students and their parents are equally careful to make sure that they can get admission into some effective courses, which will ensure rewarding feedbacks in long run. Business courses are counted among one of the most desired streams in modern education. There is a steady rush for getting admission into business school in India. Many students prefer studying abroad but the majority settles for Indian institutions for two main reasons. Firstly, these courses are cheaper and secondly they offer quality education too.

Although numbers of management colleges in India are on the rise, yet as a student you should not expect quality in all these institutions. There is scarcity for good things as always. A few b schools can ensure practical trainings, quality contents and better placements. So, you have to be careful while selecting a business school in India. Students can start chasing after their dreams either after 10+2 or after graduation. Even those who are already working and want to climb on higher ranks in their respective fields with a MBA degree in their bags can take up online courses, distance courses or part time courses to attain their goals. There are assortments varieties for courses in management. Almost everyone can find a suitable course for him or her with proper researches in the Internet.

However, online research is not the only way to make sure that you are getting admission into one of reputed schools. The best way is to go there and inquire about pros and cons of the institute directly from alumni and staffs. Moreover, it is always wise to pursue bricks and mortar courses, which demand more involvement from the parts of students. Lastly, if you can specialize on a certain field of management that has proper demand in the job market, then that will definitely pay dividends for you later.

The WLC College is acknowledged in India for running traineeship programs along with all its management courses. It helps students to get practical trainings in the industry while pursuing a course. It is an obvious choice as a reputed business school in India.
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