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Media diploma courses by WLCI college
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Media Diploma Courses and Certificate Programs – WLCI Media College

Media certificate programs by WLCI college
The WLCI Media School was established in 2002 with a vision of providing young people with comprehensive training in different fields of Media and creating proactive responsible media professionals. The School offers Professional and Short Term Programmes in Media Production and Mass Communication for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
These programmes are industry-driven and are designed to train learners for exciting careers in Media. Whether it is the Print, Television, Video, Radio or Web Media, you will acquire relevant knowledge and a range of professional skills required in the Media industry. Students may choose to specialize in a particular field through our professional level programmes in journalism, radio programming & production, television & video production and advertising & marketing communication. You will also experience the thrill of working in the real world through our Internship and Traineeship programmes.

Our curriculum is dynamic and is constantly upgraded to meet industry requirements. We encourage you to experiment and innovate with different forms of communication and to explore your creativity to the fullest. Our programmes are taught by reputed professionals with rich industry experience from the print, radio, television and film media. They prepare students for job opportunities as print journalist, radio programmes and jockeys, television reporters, anchors and producers, cameramen, video editors, sound recordists, animation, documentary and fiction film directors amongst many others
The programmes offered by the school are :
  •  Foundation Diploma in Media Production
  •  Higher Diploma in Media Production
  •  Advanced Diploma in Media Production / Mass Communication
  •  Professional Diploma in Media Production / Mass Communication
  •  Executive Diploma in News Journalism, Advertising and PR / Documentary Production
  •  Short Term Programmes in News Journalism / TV Advertising and PR / Documentary Production