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Over the last two decades the School of Business has acquired a distinct reputation for providing high quality professionals to the industry.
The School of Fashion ensures that you develop technical and professional skills required to become a fashion designer par excellence.
The School trains to innovate, collaborate and develop a range of professional skills that enables young aspirants to enter the global design industry.
The Media School provides comprehensive training in different fields of Media and creates proactive and responsible media profession in print, television, radio and web media.
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There is an inordinate focus on time management in all aspects of life. When we talk of work life balance or Work play balance, we are es...

The world of digital media has changed significantly and has immense impact on the lives of the people. Constantly evolving technologies of digital media are changing the way people use to access inf...
Integrated marketing communication refers to all the processes which are involved in coordinating the various promotional elements and other marketing activities that communicate with a firm’s custom...