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Why study at WLCI?
  • 'Earn while you learn'
    with seasoned industry professionals
  • Master job-specific competencies with the
    Skills Development Curriculum
  • Be a part of the
    17,000+ Alumni
    network of successful professionals
  • Secure life-long training with intensive
    Continuing Development Programme
  • Innovative
    Cloud Campus
    enables worldwide access to skills development courses
  • Stay connected with over
    9 Learning Locations
    across the sub-continent
  • Receive constant guidance from experienced & dedicated
    Trainers, Mentors & Coaches
  • The holistic
    Professional Development System
    creates real life achievers
  • Performance based scholarships;
    and complete fee waiver for the under privileged aspiring students
Chairman's Blogs
Vinay Pasricha, Chairman WLCI
Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value
Thanks to our beloved teachers here at WLCI, I got a golden opportunity to pursue an internship in print media, that too in one of the most media house – the Pioneer group..
With the rise of social media, and its adoption by brands for marketing, emerges the discipline of social media analytics. The likes on a Facebook page can help us gauge its popularity. But, does it stop there? No!...
Global Design is a recent phenomenon. Often deemed an unknown concept in the design industry, global design harbours an expansive and varied scope naturally...
We live in the age of digital revolution. Everything under the sun is being aligned with digital compatibility. The revolution has brought in an era of enhanced understanding and perceptibility...
Alumni Speaks
Raul Brady - WLCI School of Media – FOUNDER -Godatu.Com, MD - Khurafati Nitin Pvt. Ltd.
Studying at WLCI School of Media Raul gained a holistic knowledge of the widely spread Media World. He worked forward and got the Craft and the Business of the Media together and launched his Company Godatu.Com that transforms dancers to professional choreographers. Raul feels grateful as WLCI gave him the foresight to understand both the creative and the business aspect of Media industry. Currently Raul Brady is also managing Khurafati Nitin Pvt. Ltd. as well.
Varsha K. WLCI School of Media – National Reporter – Citizen Matters
Varsha K. student WLCI Media School 2014 batch. She had a deep inclination towards Journalism. She is grateful to WLCI as it gave her the expertise training and freedom to report stories practically. During her course she covered News stories at the state and National level. She completed her internship with THE INDIAN EPRESS and now she is working successfully as a National Reporter with Citizen Matters (news portal).
Ritesh Sampat - Principal Consultant at Altius Corporate Services
Doing the Course from WLCI was a life-changing experience for me, which provided a deep understanding of the classic and new disciplines of business management. I found the course to be of an exceptional quality and easy to follow. The practical skills backed by academic knowledge have given me the confidence to pursue a career in any discipline. What sets the WLCI course apart is how they partner with industry giving you access to companies at various levels.
Go to WLCI if you want practical experience First of all, I would like to start off by
Shruti Ahuja, Fashion Designer
Joining WLCI is a turning point of my life. Every student needs and looks for an institute which can help him guide, learn, discover & explore new things and opportunities which he/she hasn't till date. And this college has indeed provided me with the same. Unlike other educational schools, where academics are at utmost importance, WLCL has placed most emphasis on applied knowledge which is much more essential, and an integral part in a student's life to develop his horizon and capabilities and nurture his potential
Snigdha Mathur - first year student, Advertising & Graphic Design Department
The Wigan education system has given me the confidence and courage to take on any challenge in the marketplace. My stint at Wigan UK added a new dimension to my learning curve.
Reah Cama, PGDBM
Working for Godrej Appliances Ltd. under the traineeship programme has been a good experience for me, right from day one. It has provided me a good opportunity to learn and apply the relevant management skills, and has helped me create a place for me in the organization.
Shadab Azmi, PGDBM
I had the most wonderful experience at the Wigan Campus. The Culture embraces diversity and takes the students through a variety of learning experiences and skill building workshops.
Ravi Bafna, PGDBM
Wigan & Leigh has been one of the most profitable decisions in my life. It helped me enhance my talent and creativity. The course structure was amazing and new as compared to Indian standards.
Kunsang Bhutia, DFT
Believe me, the kind of course on offer at Wigan is not even heard about in India. I did not even know how to hold a brush when I joined Wigan. The complete course structure is very well designed and integrated. The faculty is highly co-operative and friendly and it was fun to study there
Japreet Kitty, ADAGD
In this programme the student gets experience while he is studying. This helps him compete for best jobs in the Industry.
Sandeep Sengal, ADAGD
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